The Tarot Conservatory

Situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, The Tarot Conservatory is a place to have a reading, to learn Tarot, Lenormand and Palmistry. It is a place for events and from where larger events can be organized and for those coming from afar, a place to stay.

The Tarot Conservatory has been created out of a desire to promote Tarot and other esoteric practices, to preserve the knowledge and history, and to bring people together who share a common desire to seek wisdom. It comes from a passion for the practice and history of Tarot, Lenormand and Cartomancy in general.

The Tarot Conservatory is a place for the study of Tarot and other subjects of an esoteric nature for it is difficult to separate intertwined disciplines which work so well together. It is also a place for resources of books and decks and where likeminded people can meet, learn and share knowledge and practices.

The study of Tarot is an enriching experience in life and serves to release our creative potential in so many areas of our being. Some people learn Tarot for their own personal development while others learn out of a desire to read professionally. Learning to read with skill and confidence is important for all students of Tarot and reading professionally is about “how one reads” not how much is earned.

Contact Linda Henery for more information about the use of the Conservatory and accommodation.
Linda Henery
Mobile +61 407 829 615


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