Tarot, Lenormand, and Palmistry are all tools which can give us meaning, clarity and direction in our lives, helping us to harness our strengths as well as acknowledging and overcoming our weaknesses. They are tools available for use in our quest for wisdom, speaking a language understood by our inner self. Their use offers insight and a greater knowledge of the essence of who we are. Practiced for many centuries, the wisdom they have to offer is as relevant today as ever before. Learning these skills can assist us to change our own lives or help us to assist others for whom we read. As our minds become ever bombarded by information via the proliferation of digital devices, to focus on our inner source of guidance is critical for balance of our minds, bodies and spirits……..the only path to health and healing. Synchronicities experienced through practising Tarot and Lenormand strengthens faith in our intuitive natures and the connectedness of all aspects of our lives and the universe.

While Tarot is universal, nonreligious and non-racial, the influences in the symbology of Tarot cards has come from a number of religious influences including Pagan, Christian, and Jewish mysticism. Tarot is a tool for divination, meditation, healing, self-knowledge and magic and confronts us with the question of our own spirituality. Tarot allows us to step through a door from our mundane world where we are limited by the impressions of our five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch to a place filled with all that ever was, is and will be.

Learning any of these subjects requires both academic and intuitive processes on behalf of the student and develops psychic ability as faith in our intuition strengthens. Associating with likeminded people strengthens our knowledge, understanding, commitment and discipline. To learn is to change. The person we become in 5 or 10years time will depend on the books we read and the people with whom we associate.