Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

10:30am – 3:30pm

Tarot 10.30am-12:30pm

The Fool’s Journey – Part2

In this session, the Major Arcana cards from Justice to The World, the journey out of the labyrinth will be looked at. Practice spreads will include those using the full deck and major arcana only.

Notes and practice spreads will be provided.

Palmistry 1.30pm-3:30pm

Palmistry 1
Our hands reveal much about us. They are servants of our minds. How we express ourselves through gesture and body language gives insight into our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses.
Identification of hand type – left and right
Identifying the hand type and quality using the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth reveals much about a person. Hands, of course can be a combination of types. Qualities of skin type, hand size, flexibility are also very telling about the person. Fingers and mounts on the palm will also be looked at in this workshop.
Notes will be provided

Tarot 10.30am-12:30pm

Palmistry 1.30pm-3:30pm

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Event Location

Field Naturalists Club of Victoria 1 A Gardenia Street Blackburn 3130
1 A Gardenia Street
Blackburn, Victoria3130

Event Fees

AUD 20.00
AUD 20.00
Full Day Tarot + Lenormand
AUD 30.00